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Fence Fund


                                               FENCING COMPANIES

Fencing companies will give discounts to self-installers as well, just mention the Clayre  Pool Fence Fund. Please visit web sites or call to inquire about products and  pricing.

Aquma-Safe Unlimited, Inc., Lic # 37947,                                    RON, 702-254-8450,   Mesh

B & B Fence Co   Lic #2001875   4440 E. Craig,  Las Vegas, Nv     702-562-3676            chain link

Las Vegas Fence    Lic# 28102                                                     702-361-8850            chain link

Champion Vinyl Fence   3000 Meade Ave, Las Vegas, Nv             702-643-7766          Vinyl               (distributor only)                                                                                                     
G and B Fence       Lic # 32452                                                   702-396-9664           chain link

All Star Fencing  Lic# 058717  4410 S. Valley View, L V Nv         702-454-4279           variety


                                            The Fence and Gate

Should be minimum of 48" tall - five feet is even better! (Check with your local building department for requirements in your area).

The latch and the hinges should be rust-free, as rust impedes closure. Non-corrosive materials such as high-tech polymers used in D & D Technologies' products ensure they'll be rust-free for life.  These are sold by

Must be non-climbable, with no foot holds or hand holds.

The gate must open away from the pool, and must be self-closing and self-latching.

Vertical bars should not permit the passage of a 4" sphere.

Fence clearance should be no more than 4" from the ground for a solid surface, 2" above a non-solid surface such as gravel or grass.

This article is from a brochure entitled "A Blueprint for Pool Gate Safety" by D&D Technologies.

     A swimming pool can be a beautiful oasis in your backyard, affording many hours of family fun, serving as a great,
low-impact exercise center, and adding value to your home.  Protect your investment and ensure you'll always enjoy your
pool by taking steps to make it a safe environment.
     Supervision of children around water is essential, but most parents and caregivers will admit that constant, uninterrupted
supervision of children is an unrealistic expectation. Toddlers' curiosity and lack of fear can test even the best caregivers'
ability to keep up. This brochure will give you helpful safety suggestions.
     In the time it takes to answer your door or phone, a child can wander to your backyard and fall into your pool. Layers of
protection between your home and the water can give you those critical few seconds needed to re-establish contact when a
momentary lapse in supervision occurs.
     Isolation fencing, which completely separates the pool from the home, has been proven in numerous studies to be the most
effective barrier to keep children away from a pool or other danger.

                                                            MAGNA LATCH

FenceMax's Magna Latch, the World's #1 child safety gate latch!! The top pull lock and hinge set from Fence Max is a fantastic product.  The latch can be locked with a KEY.  The child has to be able to reach above the latch to have enough leverage to pull UP the release.  The resistance is more than adequate to keep a child from getting the gate open.  When mounted on a 48" fence, the top of the latch can be as high as 54".  The hinges will close the gate when it is fully open, or if it is ajar, as little as a 1/2 inch.  If you contact Fencemax through their website be sure to indicate in the inquiries box that you heard about them from the Clayre Pool Fence Fund for a discount. The Latch should offer extensive vertical and horizontal adjustment so it can be adjusted after installation if needed, due to ground shifting or children swinging on the gate.  The latch bolt should not be able to be opened using implements such as popsicle sticks, pencils, screwdrivers, etc.


                                                Safety Checklist

Gate opens away from the pool or other danger.
Latch release is at least 54" above ground level (or to local requirements).
Latch and hinges are rust-free.
Gate is self-latching.
Hinges are self-closing and easily tension-adjustable.
Both hinges carry a closing spring.
Latch cannot be locked in the "open" position.
Latch cannot be opened using implements (popsicle stick, etc.)
Gate latch cannot be shaken, jolted or bounced open.
Gate will latch from any position, including resting on the latching mechanism.
Gate complies with all local, state and federal codes and regulations.

Upon researching for fencing requirements we have learned that the most economical and popular fence is the removable mesh
fence pictured above.  The mesh fence can run from $15-$25 per linear foot and includes the gate. The vinyl product is $15 per
linear foot, fencing and poles only.  Gates and hardware are extra.

The next popular is aluminum square tubing which can be purchased at Lowe's and Home Depot, there is also a very nice vinyl
product available.  Both of these last two options have to be self installed.

Also available for installation is chain link, but according to the fence companies, slats need to be  installed to prevent climbing.  Chain link can cost from $15/linear ft. without slats to $28 /linear ft. with slats.  This price does not include gates or hardware.

CLOSURES are not usually included in the cost of the fence.

                              The Hinges

All hinges should be self-closing (spring loaded). Ensure both hinges carry a spring. (D & D Tru-close hinges enclose stainless steel springs.)
Hinges should be tension adjustable so the gate doesn't close too slowly or too quickly. Both hinges must be adjusted to the same tension.
Quick and easy tension adjustment.   
Hinge adapters are available for ROUND fence poles and gates.