Clayre's Pool


Fence Fund


Our beloved thirteen month old angel lost her life on April 7, 2008 in a pool drowning accident.  Her daddy saved and saved money for pool fencing because we were well aware of the dangers of having a pool.  When he finally had the money, he scheduled a vacation to install the fencing, just two weeks before that vacation, she lost her life.  It only took a split second for Clayre to get out of sight, open the door and fall in the pool.

We decided that day, that NO CHILD should die this way.  That very night, The CLAYRE FOUNDATION was born.  We decided to take the initiative to spread our story with whoever would listen, to promote pool safety and infant swimming lessons.

Our family has set up a fund thru SAFE KIDS OF CLARK COUNTY,  and AQUA-SAFE UNLIMITED, INC.
COMMUNITY FOUNDATION.  This alliance has been formed so we can assist other parents who purchase older
homes with pools and need pool fencing,  but are unable to afford it.  

Currently in Clark County older homes with pools built before 2003 are NOT REQUIRED TO BE EQUIPPED
WITH barriers or alarms.  However, all new pools constructed since that time, do require the minimum of
installation of a door alarm.  One problem that we face, is that some families choose to disable their alarm because
it is annoying and somewhat of a nuisance.  Unfortunately, many innocent lives have already been lost this year,
and more will be lost without your help and support.  Our ultimate goal is to have 0 children die in a drowning

                                       OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH ALL VICTIMS AND THEIR FAMILIES!

We set up this foundation to try to prevent other families from going through the loss of their precious child.


                                                  PLEASE DONATE SO WE CAN HELP!