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Infant Swimming Resourses
Teaches infants and toddlers how to survive submerssions.  
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Gail Robinson  at  702-567-8188
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Crystal Clausen at 702-551-4992


Mary Simonson at 702-469-8776

ISR Corporate website:
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We have arranged with Infant Swim Resources to give special rates for survival lessons to toddlers and infants from 6 months of age to 6 years.  Just mention Clayre's Pool Fence Fund.

In 2010, Clayre's younger brother, Bryan  was enrolled in the INFANT SWIM RESOURSE lessons at 9 months of age.  As you can see from the pictures and videos below, if he falls in the pool he will come up, roll over, and float......
In the first 4 videos below Bryan is crying.  This is all part of the process and is their way of communicating that they don't like where they are and are "calling for help".  The last video that was taken at home with mommy and daddy you will see that he isn't crying at all.
            These self rescue skills are another layer of protection that has saved many lives all across the world.

The instructors are amazing and are truly passionate about making a difference in communities everywhere.

This video was taken about
half way through Bryan's

To see videos and pictures of Bryan's continuing lessons click MORE button

These two videos were taken near the end of the first set of lessons.

Children usually fall into the pool with their cloths on and this teaches them what to do fully clothed.

Here is video of Bryan taken at home practicing and reinforcing the roll over and float that he learned at ISR.

This is Bryans last lesson, Bri is learning how to continue reinforcing the lessons.

Please enjoy the videos and if you know anybody with small children please pass this along to them. It is well worth saving a life.