Clayre's Pool


Fence Fund




                                      OUR MISSION


To assist parents who are unable to afford fencing around their pools.

To educate the public about safety measures to prevent accidental drowning.

To assist Legislators in making it mandatory that all homes with pools sold, have a
mandatory fence with a self locking mechanism prior to the close of escrow.

To provide support for other families who have lost a child or who have had
devastating consequences due to a “near drowning” accident.



              Though our mission is concise, or goal is extensive.

1.   To offer free/discounted fencing to those parents who have toddlers or who are
expecting babies in the coming months.

2.  To educate:

A – Adult Supervision – Active supervision poolside and in bath tubs, also the  promotion of the “Water Watchers” Program
B – Barriers - isolation fencing of pools in every home with self latching gates and door alarms
C – Classes - CPR, age appropriate swimming lessons  and instruct infant/toddlers in the art of water survival
D – Devices - Rescue tools, Life Jackets and Safety Drain Covers and a telephone to call 911 in case of an emergency

    3.   To regularly attend any and all meetings, seminars, and legislative sessions to promote the passing of legislation to protect children in these circumstances.

4.   To provide morale and emotional support for those families who find themselves in
drowning or near-drowning situations.

In conjunction with this, we have enlisted the help of many local organizations to help us “get the word out”.  Among these are:

Safe Kids Clark County
Neighborhood Night Out
Baby Bonanza
April Pools Day
Infant Swim Resource
Clark County Fire Department
Henderson Fire Department
Southern Nevada Children's Drowning Prevention Coalition